Genuine calls

With agents that are dialled in to your brand, our team are uniquely positioned to put your customers first.

Resolving problems

Learn the root cause of churn, or why you didn’t get that sale with a simple curtesy call.

Win back campaigns

Huge portions of your customer database are waiting for a good reason to re-engage with your brand.

What do you say?

It’s difficult to find the time to say thank you, but regular health checks with your customers prove your genuine intent to provide a great service.

The preventative maintenance of customer care – we’ll make sure your customers are loving your product or service, and create opportunities for valuable feedback along the way.

Not junk

We strongly believe that providing incentives over the phone is more powerful than bulk email campaigns.

Abandoned carts

Let our telephone agents convert abandoned carts into sales.

Custom reporting

Find out more about your audience with transcripts and tailored reporting.

Tell me something I don't know

D2MS loves to tell your loyal customers about something new. We’ll work with you on a bespoke upsell campaign to give people more from a brand they already love.

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