Scale to your needs

D2MS can provision specially trained agents to meet the requirements of any campaign.

Never miss an opportunity

Precisely scheduled lead follow up and retention – timing is everything.

Meaningful conversations

Our agents work hard to know your brand and services, so they can build a lasting connection with prospective customers.

Landing or take off?

Online ads done differently – D2MS provides digital marketing that goes somewhere. Our technical team combines expert optimisation and razor-sharp messaging to build an engaged, high quality audience. Dedicated telephone agents take it from there, transforming lead generation into a loyal new customer.

Service to shout about

D2MS raises the profile of your brand by making your customers feel important and appreciated.

We don’t just push leads through a funnel – our agents provide an onboarding experience for new customers that’s so good, they’ll want to share it.

Expertly trained agents

Industry leading training and exceptional work ethic makes our agents the best at what they do.

Quality control

QC teams monitor calls and, using speech to text analysis, we’ll actively optimise throughout a campaign.

Bespoke reporting

Detailed and targeted reporting, customised for every client to give you all the data you need.

Learn and adapt

We’re always working to better understand your customers, providing the answers and solutions they’re looking for and adapting as the data pours in.

Our agents report on what separates an easy conversion from a hesitant lead, so you’ll learn more about your customers than ever before.

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